[PyQt] Weird crashing

Jason Hihn jason at eyemaginations.com
Mon Oct 29 19:26:17 GMT 2007

This is a long shot. 


I have an application that works 90% of the time. It is rock-solid on
desktops, but the 10% is laptop installed base.  The laptops seem to have
two issues:

On 1 computer in particular, python.exe crashes whenever you open a document
outside of the application, such as an Excel file, but it does nto crash
when a browser is opening cache files. Right after the double click but
before excel has actually opened, the application crash dialog comes up.
This violates the notion of private address space and process separation.
(This is on XP.)


The other crazy problem is with QHttp, as far as I can tell. We have a
function that does a simple get() to obtain the latest version number of the
software (to see if an update is available) in the "background".  This
request is performed, but it seems when the response is received it crashes
the program. Weirder yet, the affected laptops seem to have Verizon wireless
cards, but not in every case, just most of them. It does not seem to matter
if they are using VZW or a CAT5 cable.


I can't imagine what could be causing these issues, I am hoping someone out
there could see a potential conflict, or some GIL knowledge that I am
lacking, or if there is some debugging technique that I can use. AFAIK, all
this is happening in one thread. The illusion is multitasking is created by
signals/slots. The crashes were reported in the original version using
4.2.3, and are still present in 4.3.1.


Update code:


self.buffer=QBuffer(self.bytes, self.x)


QObject.connect (self.x, SIGNAL('done(bool)'),  self.versionCheckDone)




def versionCheckDone(self, b):


print 'data:', data


Thank you for your time. 



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