[PyQt] Newbie needs help in installing PyQt

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.co.uk
Sun Oct 28 10:56:30 GMT 2007

On Thursday 25 October 2007, Dick Moores wrote:
> Win XP, Python 2.5.1
> <http://www.riverbankcomputing.co.uk/pyqt/download.php> says:
> ===============================
> Binary Packages
> The binary installer for Windows contains everything needed for PyQt
> development except for Python itself.
> PyQt
> Qt (with database support for SQLite3 and ODBC)
> Qt Designer
> Qt Linguist
> Qt Assistant
> pyuic4
> pylupdate4
> lrelease
> pyrcc4
> QScintilla
> PyQwt
> Qwt
> eric IDE
> =================================
> So I downloaded "PyQt v4 GPL for Windows and Python v2.5"
> using the link just below the above. It seemed to install OK, and
> shows on my Start menu. However, Eric won't load.

Do any of the examples run? If not then the only thing I can suggest is that 
you don't have msvcp71.dll installed. PyQt requires it but doesn't install it 

> QT Assistant hangs. 
> And much of the documentation "can't be found", or words to that
> effect. Qt Designer does load.

The Qt documentation isn't included because it would double the size of the 


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