[PyQt] identify a QTreeWidgetItem

alteo_gange romanocaldoni at free.fr
Tue Oct 23 10:22:43 BST 2007

Hi everybody! 
I have created several QTreeWidgetItem and connected a 
signal "itemClicked(QTreeWidgetItem *,int)" on the QTreeWidget.:
> treeWidget=QtGui.QTreeWidget(widget) 
> ... 
> itemTree1=QtGui.QTreeWidgetItem(treeWidget) 
> ... 
> itemTree2=QtGui.QTreeWidgetItem(treeWidget) 
> ... 
> self.connect(treeWidget,QtCore.SIGNAL("itemClicked(QTreeWidgetItem 
> ... 
> def function(self, item): 
>         print item 
'print item' return: 
<PyQt4.QtGui.QTreeWidgetItem object at 0x82cf62c>. 
It's very abstract! 
I must identify QTreeWidgetItem in order to connect it an action (view a 
widget on the right), but how? With a method of the item reference? Which? I 
don't know.


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