[PyQt] Re: Have to close dialog boxes twice

Thorsten Kampe thorsten at thorstenkampe.de
Sun Oct 21 13:33:38 BST 2007

* David Boddie (Sun, 21 Oct 2007 18:29:29 +0200)
> On Sun Oct 21 09:33:32 BST 2007, Thorsten Kampe wrote:
> > Now I tried to separate the layout from the code logic by using Qt 
> > Designer and generating and importing an Ui file. This works fine, 
> > too. Except that with the modified version I have to click twice on 
> > the close or Ok button to close the dialog boxes and I have no idea 
> > why. Can anyone give a clueless person a clue?
> It sounds like you need to put decorators before the slots that are
> invoked when an action is triggered:
>     @pyqtSignature("")
>     def on_action_About_triggered(self):
>         QtGui.QMessageBox.about(self, self.tr('About Application'),
>                                 self.tr('My Application does something\n'
>             'This software comes without warranty, liability or support!'))
> This is because there are effectively two forms of the triggered() signal:
> one with a boolean parameter and one without. You need to specify which one
> of these you want to receive.

Yes, that was it. Thanks a lot...


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