[PyQt] Re: PyQt Install Issues

David Boddie dboddie at trolltech.com
Tue Oct 16 16:57:28 BST 2007

On Tue Oct 16 16:50:37 BST 2007, Space Monkey wrote:

> "Looks like you need to use the --qmake flag to point to the Qt4 version of
> qmake."
> With the risk of making a fool out of myself, please, could you explain to
> me how to do that?
> I am supposed to be targeting a file, but what file exactly?

Yes, you're looking for the qmake executable, but you have to make sure that
you find the one for Qt 4 and not the one for Qt 3. Some distributions have
usefully given them different names.

> Like I said, I just started using Linux.

Which distribution are you using? (This will help people give you more
accurate advice.)

David Boddie
Lead Technical Writer, Trolltech ASA

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