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Brian Kelley kelley at eyesopen.com
Sun Oct 14 14:39:03 BST 2007

One of the easiest ways to do this, actually, is by using Qt's  
designer and pyuic to make the python component.  You can use a  
visual builder to make your layouts and add the appropriate widgets.

The nice thing is being able to preview the widgets in various  
rendering styles as well.  If you haven't done this, I highly suggest  
giving it a try to see if you prefer this method.

That being said, it is always good to be able to generate the code  
yourself, but the designer is really nice for more complicated  
layouts of the type you are describing.

On Oct 14, 2007, at 4:24 PM, Andreas Pakulat wrote:

> On 14.10.07 22:00:38, think_resist at hushmail.com wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> slowly slowly I am getting there, thanks to your assistance! There
>> is one last thing that I need to address:
>> within my grid layout, I want to place some widgets on a different
>> position, than the (row, column) system allows me.  (for example
>> place two buttons together, under the same (row,column)
>> combination. Can I do this, or do I have to implement a different
>> layout?
> Sure you can, this involves nested layout. First select the two  
> buttons
> and put them into a horizontal layout. Then out the horizontal layout
> where the 2 buttons should be. Then select the widget again and put a
> gridlayout. Now the 2 buttons will stay together in one cell.
> Andreas
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