[PyQt] Driver not loaded. - error accessing sqlite DB from a py2exe binary

IloChab ilochab at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 18:45:59 BST 2007

I wrote an application that uses PyQt4 to access a sqlite DB.

Now I'm trying to convert it using py2exe and I found some problems.
The last one, that I'm not able to avoid, is that when I launch the
application's binary on a PC (that contains only a Python 2.5
installation and no QT4) I get an error trying to open the DB with
this code:

db = QtSql.QSqlDatabase.addDatabase("QSQLITE")
if not db.open():
   # displays:
                  Driver not loaded.

I made many attempts changing options in my setup file but none of
them successfull.
The last one uses this options:

     options={"py2exe": {"includes":["sip",  'PyQt4.QtSql' ],
                         "packages": ["sqlite3",]}}

but I verified that neither QtSql, neither sqlite3 are usefull to
avoid the error.

I also copied manually all the Qt/4.2.2/plugins/sqldrivers .dll files to my
distribution directory but anything changed.

My development configuration is
Python 2.5
Qt4      4.2.2
PyQt    4.1.1

Any suggestion to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.

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