[PyQt] SIP: how to transfer ownerships

Martin Dobias wonder.sk at gmail.com
Fri Oct 12 01:56:10 BST 2007


I'm trying to find out how to wrap one class but I'm not sure how to
do it correctly...

I have a class which owns a geometry class. The geometry can be at
some point of time detached from the class (and deleted elsewhere):

class Feature
  // returns only reference
  Geometry* getGeometry() { return geom; }
  // marks that it's not responsible for geometry's deletion anymore
  Geometry* getGeometryAndOwnership() { ownsGeometry = 0; return geom; }
  // deletes the geometry if it's still owning it
  ~Feature() { if (ownsGeometry) delete geom; }
  bool ownsGeometry;
  Geometry* geom;

My question is - what annotations should I use for the getter
functions? I guess I should use TransferBack for
getGeometryAndOwnership() as it takes the responsibility for deletion.
But what about getGeometry() ? When used without any annotation I have
a problem in this scenario:
1. feature is created
2. getGeometry is called and the reference is stored
3. feature is deleted
4. reference in python still exists but the object is deleted already...


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