[PyQt] Qt.Queuedconnection queue size

Dirk Wagener dwagen at stonethree.com
Thu Oct 11 09:54:35 BST 2007


I have a signal that is emitted from one thread to another. I wire it as 

QtCore.QObject.connect( self.__model, QtCore.SIGNAL("TestSignal"),
QtCore.Qt.QueuedConnection  )

* How do I limit the size of the queue used for the queuedconnection in 
this case?  

* When the signal is emitted by one thread, an image is passed to the 
slot. When the slot does not service the signals
quick enough, the memory usage starts climbing because of the queue just 
growing and growing.

* Is it possible to set the queue size for just one specific signal to 
slot connection?

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