[PyQt] Widget CSS hints

Richard Smith richard at omniaccess.com
Wed Oct 10 10:18:16 BST 2007

Hi guys,

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, so if you could point me in
the direction of where to ask if this isn't the right place, I'd appreciate
the hint.

Essentially, I'm building an application that's going to be deployed
primarily on an embedded system with a touch screen. Unfortunately that the
primary audience for this system don't have petit fingers and so I'm having
to apply CSS all over the place in order to make widgets more finger

I've got 2 problems at the moment:

Toolbox tabs don't appear to be able to re-size, despite the documentation
stating that they support the box model.

Dropdown lists. How do I restyle the elements in the QAbstractItemView
widget? I've got a combo box and would like to add some padding to the
elements of the drop down list. The combo box itself has styled perfectly,
however the QAbstractItemView widget seems a little elusive.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to:

a) How I can style these widgets?
b) If there are any pre-defined "touch-screen" styles that can be used.

Kind regards

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