[PyQt] libCrun on Solaris

Jeremy Sanders jeremy at jeremysanders.net
Tue Oct 2 13:08:40 BST 2007

Hi -

I tried to compile PyQt-x1-gpl-4.3.1 under Solaris 10 with 
CC: Sun C++ 5.7 Patch 117830-11 2007/04/04 for Sparc. I compiled it against

When I try to load an example PyQt program, it appears there are missing

cass30:/data/store/jss/PyQt-x11-gpl-4.3.1/examples/tutorial> /usr/local/bin/python
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "t1.py", line 7, in ?
    from PyQt4 import QtGui
ImportError: ld.so.1: python: fatal: relocation error:
file /data/store/jss/local2/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/PyQt4/QtGui.so:
symbol __1cG__CrunKpure_error6F_v_: referenced symbol not found

It appears that the C++ Qt examples are linked against /usr/lib/libCrun.so.1
which contains this symbol, but the PyQt .so files are not.

Is this a problem with PyQt, Qt or Python? Is there a work-around?




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