[PyQt] Eric3 issue: importing modules with the same name as an Eric module

Detlev Offenbach detlev at die-offenbachs.de
Mon Oct 1 17:29:18 BST 2007

On Montag, 1. Oktober 2007, Sundance wrote:
> Detlev wrote:
> > Over here it failed to start the debug client because of an
> > ImportError. It cannot find the file, if the long import is given.
> Hi Detlev,
> I worked on it over the weekend on a different flavour of Linux, and I
> noticed the same issue you do.
> Apparently different distros package Eric in different ways.
> On Ubuntu (and presumably Debian) the fix works with "from
> DebugClients.Python.Config import ...", while on Gentoo it
> requires "from eric3.DebugClients.Python.Config import ...".
> Since the Eric documentation DOES refer to the DebugClients package
> as 'eric3.DebugClients' (see documentation file
> index-eric3.DebugClients.html), I'll go and assert that it's probably
> Ubuntu/Debian being silly and packaging stuff their own way here.
> Meaning that the fix should go:
> -from Config import ConfigVarTypeStrings
> +from eric3.DebugClients.Python.Config import ConfigVarTypeStrings
> ... And let Debian and friends fix their packaging.
> Once more, however, the same treatment should probably be applied to the
> other packages that the debug client imports locally.
> Or if you'd rather, I can try to look into how feasible it'd be to
> create a custom import hook that would isolate the debugger's imports
> from that of the user code.
> I, uh, I hope I'm not bothering you with my repeated attention to this
> admittedly minor issue?

Actually it is not a minor issue. If possible I would try the import hook 
approach. Would you take this task?


Btw, your email address gives errors (not deliverable).
Detlev Offenbach
detlev at die-offenbachs.de

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