[PyQt] Re: pykde crash on debian etch / import kparts or khtml

jbd jbdenis at dental-on-line.fr
Mon Oct 1 08:35:31 BST 2007

Jim Bublitz wrote:

> It crashes here too (not on Debian). It appears to be related to the 
> 'newItems' signal - that's where the backtrace indicates the crash is 
> originating. I have no idea what the cause is, but I think you can achieve 
> the same thing with the two changes below, and with those changes it works 
> here.
>>From looking at the comments in the KDE h files, it seems like there might be 
> some kind of timing issues related to the signals, but I have no idea why 
> importing other modules would trigger the problem.

That was exactly my conclusion. I did the same thing by digging (quite 
superficialy i confess) in the source and i have seen the same comments.

I'd like to understand what importing those specific modules trigger the 
problem. I hope i'm gonna have some time to look into it.

Many thanks for your answer.


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