[PyQt] Re: QScrollbar stylesheet

Gustavo A. Díaz gustavo.diaz at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 17:16:50 GMT 2007

Never mind.. i found it here... in Qt4.4 snapshot docs...



2007/11/30, Gustavo A. Díaz <gustavo.diaz at gmail.com>:
> Hi Guys!!
> iI was trying to style the QScrollbar using the stylsheet example in the
> QT docs, http://doc.trolltech.com/4.3/stylesheet-examples.html#customizing-qscrollbar
> But, for vertical.. when i change horizontal words for vertical ones..
> does not work... but as in the example using horizontal.. it works...
> What i am doing wrong?
> Thanks.
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> Gustavo A. Díaz
> GDNet Projects
> www.gdnet.com.ar

Gustavo A. Díaz
GDNet Projects
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