[PyQt] Using QScintilla .api files

David Hirschfield davidh at ilm.com
Thu Nov 29 18:19:46 GMT 2007

Is there any documentation on how to load and use the QScintilla .api 
files to do autocompletion outside of the actual QScintilla editor?

I'd like to be able to use the autocompletion capabilities in a couple 
of different places which aren't regular text-editing UIs, and therefore 
can't directly use the QScintilla widget.

I've looked at the QsciAPIs class in the QScintilla reference, but it 
looks like the four functions I'd really need aren't available to python

void autoCompletionList (const QStringList &context, QStringList &wlist)
void autoCompletionSelected (const QString &sel)
QString callTips (const QStringList &context, 
QsciScintilla::CallTipsStyle style, int maxnr, int commas, int &ctshift)
QString callTipsNextPrev (int dir, int &ctshift)

So, is there any way to use the .api files outside of the internal usage 
by a QScintilla editor instance?
Is there any documentation on how to load and read from a prepared .api 
file (the .pap files)? I can't find any docs on the format of the 
information within those api files at all.

Thanks in advance,

mediocre nebula.

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