[PyQt] Segmentation Fault

Fred pyqt at dezwietjes.nl
Thu Nov 29 11:03:19 GMT 2007

Hi all,

I've got a difficult to track problem. I'm creating a game to learn PyQt and 
I'm sure I am missing something really, really obvious, but still: can't find 

I made a grid of tiles. Every tile is a graphicsItem on a scene. I've made a 
dictionary of tiles where the key is the coordinates on the grid (x,y) and 
the content is (a reference to) the qgraphicsItem.

On a certain point in the game, during a mousepressevent, I need to remove a 
certain amount of tiles. In a for loop I remove the qgraphicsitem from the 
scene and from the dictionary and I delete the item itself (del item).

Then, when it enters the eventloop again, it segfaults. I'm sure it has 
something to do with the way I delete the item's. When I delete it from the 
scene, but keep it in the dictionary, it works (well, it doesn't segfault). 
If I remove it from the dictionary, but not from the scene, it works too. My 
guess is that it works in those to cases, because the item itself is then not 
deleted. But I want it deleted. Somehow, when I get back into the eventloop, 
the removed items are still expected to be there.

Any hints?

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