[PyQt] Problem with a simple QDialog

Alexandre Badez alexandre.badez at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 08:12:11 GMT 2007


I use to create a simple QDialog widget, that I create myself (I called it
I create it like that:

wChapterSelection =
WindowChapterSelectionDialog.WindowChapterSelectionDialog() # <- I always
import the module, not the class directly
[..code that as nothing to do with this dialog]

The class look like this:
class WindowChapterSelectionDialog(QtGui.QDialog):
    def __init__(self):
        super(WindowChapterSelectionDialog, self).__init__()

        Ui_WindowChapterSelection.Ui_WindowChapterSelection.tr = _ # <- I
use the gettext function instead of translate, I prefer ^^

        self.ui = Ui_WindowChapterSelection.Ui_WindowChapterSelection()

So this, class is quiet simple.
The problem, is that when I make the exec_(), I've got a Bus Error.

So I tried doing this instead:

wChapterSelection = QtGui.QDialog()

And I've got also a bus error.

What really suprise me, is that I already use QDialog elsewhere, and I
didn't had any problem with this.

Does any of you have any idea ?

For information, I'm using PyQt 4.1 and Qt 4.1.4 on SunOS

Thanks for your time.

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