[PyQt] QProcess arguments list problem

kib2 kib2 at free.fr
Thu Nov 22 08:58:21 GMT 2007

Mark Summerfield a écrit :

> I think PyQt is nice enough to accept a Python list here. Also, I don't
> think you can use a shell redirection (>) like this, so I'd try:
>     self.proc.start("lout", ["-o", "my_file.ps", "my_file.lout"])

Thanks Mark, this is exactly what I was looking for.

> If you really wanted to use redirection you'd have to do it yourself,
> that is:
>     self.proc.start("lout", ["my_file.lout"])
>     # Now read the process's stdout and write that to your .ps file.

In fact, that's what I've done last night. It works like a charm too, 
but now I think I'll choice the other solution.

> Off Topic:
> In lout (and many other apps) the -o option says write the postscript to
> the filename following; do lout -v for a summary of all the options; and
> don't use the PDF option, use ghostscript for PDF.

Thanks for pointing me this, I used this with another console 
application (Asymptote) and that works as expected.



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