[PyQt] Showing another form

Luca Bedogni me at lucabedogni.it
Fri Nov 16 14:32:50 GMT 2007

	it's my first message here :)
I'm building an interface for an application I've written.
Not sure if it's the best way, but I've a button called "Insert New", and I'd 
to get a string from a popup. So i builded another form, with a QLineEdit and 
an OK button, that i want to show when someone press "Insert New".

So i connected "Insert New" to a signal, in my app i catch that signal and 
instantiate the form, the form.show() doesn't show nothing. If I put a wrong 
command next to show, i could see my form, but that's not a good solution.

So, is this th best way to do that, and if positive, in what am I wrong?

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