[PyQt] Problem with Qt.MouseButtons

Hernán Rajchert hrajchert at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 06:47:26 GMT 2007

Hi, i was doing a little game and when using a QGraphicsRectItem with the
mousePressEvent i tried to capture the event where the player clicks both
left and right click, i've tried the following without luck:

def mousePressEvent(self, event):
             print event.button()               # prints 1
             print QtCore.Qt.RightButton # prints 2
             print QtCore.Qt.LeftButton   # prints 1
             print event.buttons().__int__() # always the same as button()
             print event.buttons().__int__() & QtCore.Qt.RightButton &
QtCore.Qt.LeftButton # Always false, no wonder seeing the line before :P

Best Regards
Hernan Rajchert
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