[PyQt] QTreeView: inserting and removing rows in view and underlying data...

Dirk Wagener dwagen at stonethree.com
Fri Nov 9 08:58:08 GMT 2007


I am experiencing some confusion regarding the model/view architecture 
when using a QTreeView with a custom

This is the bigger picture of what I am doing:
* I use a tree view to browse and edit a bunch of object.
* I have a data class (TreeNode) used to store my data. This is a 
typical node class with a parent and children. Each TreeNode
represents an object that gets displayed in the tree view. A TreeNode 
has members parent, childNodes (list of TreeNode children) and
a bunch more.

I am confused about the interaction between the view and the underlying 
data. I read the Qt docs, but find them quite confusing regarding this 

How do I protect and synchronise interaction with the underlying data?

When I populate a TreeNode, eg when I add children to a TreeNode, how do 
I tell the view to wait and only update when I am done?

*Should I do this in a beginInsertRows() - endInsertRows() block?

  # Get the model index for the parent TreeNode.
  parentModelIdx = self.createIndex(parent.row(), 0, parent)
  # childNodes is a list of child TreeNodes.  
  # insert a new child at end of list of children

  # Add the child TreeNode to our underlying data (parent). 
  parent.addChild( child )


   Should I do this for every node I add?
   Is it acceptable to create the parent model index every time?

* OR, should I do something like this:

  # Tell the view data is going to change:

   self.emit( QtCore.SIGNAL( "layoutAboutToBeChanged()" ) )

  # Change the data by adding a child TreeNode:

   parent.addChild( child )

  # Tell the view we are done.

  self.emit( QtCore.SIGNAL( "layoutChanged()" ) ) 

* OR, should I do both??

The same sort of questions apply to removing rows.

At this stage I am doing something wrong regarding this.  Now and then 
(sporadically) I get access violations when getting the
underlying data from a QModelIndex():

tmpTreeNode = currentModelIndex.internalPointer()

In this case I would expect tmpTreeNode to be of type TreeNode, but I 
now and then get random data back, even though
currentModelIndex.isValid() is true.
I expect this has something to do with the way in which I populate my 
tree view and underlying data. My model indexes are getting messy!

Can somebody please give me some advice. Where can I learn how to do 
this model/view interaction properly?
Are there some rules which I am not obeying here??

Kind regards
Dirk Wagener

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