[PyQt] comboBox inside a statusBar

kib2 kib2 at free.fr
Wed Nov 7 15:54:35 GMT 2007

Giovanni Bajo a écrit :

> Read the documentation for "editTextChanged" and all should become clear...

Hi Giovanni,

Sorry, but no so for me...

"This signal is emitted when the text in the comboBox's line edit widget 
is changed. The new text is specified by text."

What is the meaning of 'changed' exactly ?
Suppose my list is ["a","b","c"] and that your comboBox has item 2 
selected ("b").

Now, suppose I choose item 0, ie "a". For me, text has changed and a 
signal must be emited. That does not seems to be the case.

Perharps it means that the list contents has changed, say ie to 

For the moment, I use the "currentIndexChanged(int)"'s SLOT wich feets 
my needs, but I wanted to work with string, not int values.


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