[PyQt] vista speed problems

kib2 kib2 at free.fr
Fri May 25 12:49:48 BST 2007


I managed to write my own QTextEdit widget with line numbers and played a little with the QSyntaxHighlighter class to bring it some highlightning power.

But damn it's really slow, very slow. ( a 1000 lines files takes about 1 ou 2 seconds to load, 

So I asked myself if it was not just a Vista issue, because some of the Qt4 dialogs are very slow too (file dialogs may take about 3 ou 4 seconds to appear).

Another question is now how can I put my new custom widgets in the designer ? I have browed the demo sources, and saw the designer/plugins directory, but none of the given widgets appears in QtDesigner when I lauch the plugin.pyw demo. Maybe it's a Vista issue too with admin rights ?


                    Kib² :

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