[PyQt] QVector<t> usage

Jason Hihn jason at eyemaginations.com
Thu May 17 21:26:18 BST 2007

Yes, that is a work around for the in/out issue, an dI am pretty sure of how
to do that. But I am still unsure of how to communicate the array if class
instances back to python.

Any ideas?


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On Thursday 17 May 2007 13:02, Jason Hihn wrote:
> I've gotten around the form builder problem for now, but I ran into
> problem.
> I have the following function:
> E3PLAY_API bool play_list_from_file(const QString &fname,
> QVector<E3PlayListItem> &play_list);
> Where fname is an in, and play_list is an out. (The file is parsed and
> returns a qvector of play list items.) On return from the function, it is
> supposed to return an array (qvector) of the items in the file.
> How can I get this function to work as it does in C++?
I'm not sure if sip handles this automatically, but i think in python you'll

want it to return a tuple containing (returnValue, play_list).


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