[PyQt] freezing PyQt4 applications

Roberto Alsina ralsina at kde.org
Sun May 13 14:17:56 BST 2007

On Sun 13 May 2007 09:32:03 Fabiano Sidler wrote:
> Hi folks!
> I want to freeze.py my PyQt4 scripts. Unfortunately it does not work,
> neither by copying the site-packages/PyQt4 directory and using
> PYTHONPATH nor by specifying the PyQt4 modules on the cmdline by the
> freeze.py "-m" switch or module path.
> How can I still freeze my script, if possible to a single ELF file?

I have had some success using cx_freeze. Not to a single file, but to a single 
folder, at least.
I only needed to tell it manually to add sip.
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