[PyQt] ANN: PyQt v4.2, PyQt v3.17.1, SIP v4.6 Released

Ismail Dönmez ismail at pardus.org.tr
Thu Jun 28 01:03:21 BST 2007

On Wednesday 11 April 2007 15:54:00 Ismail Dönmez wrote:
> Hi,
> On Wednesday 11 April 2007 00:32:12 Phil Thompson wrote:
> > The latest versions of PyQt4, PyQt3 and SIP have been released and are
> > available from the usual places.
> >
> > PyQt v4.2 allows you to write Qt Designer widget plugins in Python. It
> > also allows you to dynamically define new Qt slots, signals and
> > properties. Properties defined in this way also behave as Python
> > properties. Also included is support for the Qt event loop for the
> > standard Python DBus bindings (ie. not the Qt DBus bindings). See the
> > NEWS file for the full details.
> >
> > PyQt v3.17.1 is a minor bug-fix release. It also has internal changes to
> > make it less dependent on any future changes to SIP.
> >
> > SIP v4.6 has support for wchar_t and universal binaries on MacOS/X. It
> > also has lots of internal changes to support the Designer plugin support.
> After updating sip and PyQt, PyKDE apps errors out like this:
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "/usr/kde/3.5/bin/package-manager", line 981, in ?
>     main()
>   File "/usr/kde/3.5/bin/package-manager", line 974, in main
>     kapp.setMainWidget(myapp)
> AttributeError: setMainWidget
> ERROR: Communication problem with package-manager, it probably crashed.
> here kapp is a KApplication, and rolling back to PyQt works fine. Is this
> incompatibility expected?

Finally found the reason for this, if QtAssistant support is disabled for some 
reason (i.e libqassistantclient.so is missing), PyKDE behaves like this. I 
guess its not the intended behaviour.


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