[PyQt] PyQt v4.3a1 Binary Installer for Windows

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.co.uk
Sun Jun 24 23:41:57 BST 2007

On Sunday 24 June 2007 9:28 pm, you wrote:
> On 24/06/2007 17.12, Phil Thompson wrote:
> > I've created a binary Windows installer for what will be PyQt v4.3 at
> > http://www.riverbankcomputing.com/Downloads/PyQt4/GPL/PyQt-gpl-4.3a1-Py2.
> >5.exe
> >
> > The purpose of the package is to satisfy the needs of 95% of users - not
> > 100%.
> >
> > At the moment this includes the following...
> >
> >   - the standard PyQt4 modules (except QtDesigner)
> >   - QScintilla2
> >   - pyuic4, pyrcc4, pylupdate4
> >   - designer, assistant, linguist
> >   - Qt and PyQt docs
> >   - PyQt examples
> >   - support for SQLite (but no other database drivers)
> >   - support for PNG, SVG, GIF, JPEG (but no other image formats)
> It also includes sip (though isn't listed here).
> > I plan to add eric4 and (probably) the SSL classes before the final
> > release. I may remove the Qt documentation and just provide a link to
> > Trolltech's website.
> >
> > The package isn't extensible. If you want to add additional Qt based
> > modules (or additional database drivers or image formats) then you should
> > build things yourself.
> >
> > I'd like feedback on anything else you think is missing and should be in
> > the final release (like I've just realised I forgot lrelease).
> My feedback is:
>   * no eric4. Given this package, installing eric4 should be very easy for
> most users. Plus, detlev could use PyInstaller or similar tools to provide
> self-contained Windows executables.

eric4 is relatively small, and dials home to see if there is an up to date 
version so it's not a burden. It's also a good advert for what you can do 
with PyQt.

If you want to advertise PyInstaller then provide an eric4 plugin that 
converts a project to an installer at the click of a button ;)

>   * yes SSL. It is an integral part of Qt 4.3; the fact that can be
> optioned out is just because of politics, AFAICT.

The only reason I skipped it with this release was that there were enough 
problems to solve as it was.

>   * provide somewhere the configure.cache used to compile Qt, as a
> reference of what is included and what is not. I suggest c:\program
> files\pyqt4, and referenced in the documentation (you might want a
> README.TXT into c:\program files\pyqt4 that lists all the packages above
> with their exact version number, include Qt's version number).

I might add a page to the installer.

>   * Are you using LZMA compression while building the NSIS installer,
> aren't you?


>   * I'm not sure installing assistant/designer/linguist in c:\python25 is
> the right way to go. Why don't you put them into c:\program files\pyqt? I
> am not so sure about the location of pylupdate/pyrcc/pylrealease.

I didn't want to mess with PATH.


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