[PyQt] Is there an easy way to install pyqt?

Giovanni Bajo rasky at develer.com
Wed Jun 20 11:48:41 BST 2007

On 20/06/2007 10.49, Tina I wrote:

> I have had success with PyInstaller: 
> http://pyinstaller.python-hosting.com/ It produces a self contained 
> executable, either a single file or a directory, and can handle both 
> Linux and Windows. Just remember that you need to add a hook to SIP to 
> make it work with PyQt (Create a file under /hooks in your PyInstaller 
> directory named "hook-PyQt4.py" that contain the line "hiddenimports = 
> ['sip']")

... or simply get a more recent version of PyInstaller (from SVN trunk), which 
already has this hook included. :)
Giovanni Bajo

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