[PyQt] PyQT Universal Binary - MAC Intel & PPC

Carlos Gonçalves carlos at pinguix.com
Wed Jun 13 17:25:50 BST 2007

Em Quarta, 13 de Junho de 2007, escreveu:
> I want to be able to create one binary that will run on both machines
> though.

I think it's impossible because there are two different archs...

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> Em Quarta, 13 de Junho de 2007, o Anita Diliberto escreveu:
> > I have created a PyQt application using Qt4.1.1 and PyQt4 and Python2.4
> > on a MAC Intel.  I am using py2app to create an executable.  I can run
> > the executable on the Mac Intel, but I can't seem to run it on the MAC
> PowerPC.
> > Any suggestions on how I would do this?
> It doesn't work because you have compiled in a x86 machine and you are
> trying
> to run in a ppc machine. Try compile in a ppc machine and run it, should
> work.

Carlos Gonçalves

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