[PyQt] Installing Eric4

Tony Cappellini cappy2112 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 3 16:59:56 BST 2007

>From the readme file in the Eric 4 release......

        If the required packages (Qt4, QScintilla2, sip and PyQt4) are
not installed,
        please get them and install them in the following order (order
is important).
            1. Install Qt4
            2. Build and install sip
            3. Build and install QScintilla2
            4. Build and install PyQt4
            5. Build and install QScintilla2 Python bindings
            6. Install eric4

I have already installed QT, PyQt4, and Sip (to make PyQt4 programs),
prior to the Eric4 release announcement.

Do I need to uninstall everything and re-install it in the order above
to install Eric4, or can I just perform steps 3, 5, 6, in that order?

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