[PyQt] Installation of PyQt4 in Windows

Vláďa vladovi at atlas.cz
Tue Jul 31 23:48:09 BST 2007


I found a tutorial on programming in PyQt and I'd like to try it, but 
I'm having problems installing it on Windows. I downloaded the installer 
which should, according to PyQt's website, contain everything needed. I 
installed Python first a then PyQt itself. Then I wanted to run eric4 
IDE, but I got an error message telling me that I'm missing 
"mingwm10.dll". I couldn't find out which package of MinGW should I 
download, so I installed whole Qt with MinGW. After adding paths to 
MinGW and Qt to system PATH variable, I hoped everything would work now. 
But when I tried to run eric, I got an error about missing 
"QScintilla2.dll". I don't have this file on my computer but on PyQt 
download page there is written, that the installer contains QScintilla. 
But it apparently doesn't. Have I done something wrong? Where is the 

Would it be possible to write a simple guide on installing PyQt in 
Windows? It would be even better if the installation package really 
contained everything needed to start using eric4 and programming in PyQt.

Thanks a lot,

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