[PyQt] Problem with paths inside the last PyQt GPL 4.3 binaries ?

kib2 kib2 at free.fr
Wed Jul 25 08:11:00 BST 2007


I'm using PyQt GPL 4.3 [the last Phil's binaries]. Some of my 
env.variables are :

- QMAKESPEC : C:\Qt\4.3.0\mkspecs\win32-g++
- QTDIR : C:\Qt\4.3.0
- PATH (part of): C:\MinGW;C:\MinGW\bin;C:\Qt\4.3.0\bin

I took a look at the designer/plugins demo because it refuses to launch 
on my machine (XP SP2).
Inside the file "deisnger.pyw" :

1.  Variable "designer_bin" points at the end of the programm to 

2.  the "env" sets 2 variables :
     PYTHONPATH=C:\Program Files\PyQt4\examples\designer\plugins\widgets

I was very surprised because :

-  My directory C:/Python25/PyQt4 does not contain a bin subdirectory 
(only qsci and translations one);
-  in the above directories, some use "/", others "\". Is this a normal 
behaviour ?


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