[PyQt] About QSystemTrayIcon, I Need some tips

Gustavo A. Díaz gustavo.diaz at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 01:23:30 BST 2007

Ok, nice tip Necoro! Thanks, but is not what i wanted.
I have already a context menu which shows and hide the app, but i want to
replace that by doing on click on the systrayicon (left button click) to
show and to hide:

Click on systray, hide...
Click on systray, show...

and so on and on...

By the way could you be more specific to my example app? Sorry to disturb
you. :$



Yes, i saw the QT example docs of systray, but does not help me much about
the problem of when i close the app.
And like i said, i dont know nothing about C++... indeed is not too dificult
to compare or convert the example to python/qt, but well... i am doing  my
I will search later about that problem on QT forums.

2007/7/23, lists at necoro.eu <lists at necoro.eu>:
> Gustavo A. Díaz schrieb:
> > Another thing i wan to implement is to click on the systray of the app
> and
> > hide it, and click again to show it. I was trying but without
> success...
> >
> this is how I've done it:
> Qt.QObject.connect(self.systray,
> Qt.SIGNAL("activated(QSystemTrayIcon::ActivationReason)"),
> self.cb_systray_activated)
> def cb_systray_activated (self, reason):
>         if reason != Qt.QSystemTrayIcon.Context: # do not react on context
> menu
> calls
>         if self.windowState() & Qt.Qt.WindowMinimized: # window is
> minimized
>                 self.show()
>                 self.showNormal()
>         else: # window is not minimized
>                 self.setWindowState(self.windowState() |
> Qt.Qt.WindowMinimized)
> Regards,
> Necoro
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