[PyQt] Is that mailing list supposed to help ?

kib2 kib2 at free.fr
Tue Jul 24 00:46:29 BST 2007

Pierre Ducroquet a écrit :

> With a simple filter in my mail reader : since beginning of may, 7 questions, 
> 2 unanswered.
> One about vista speed problems, and I'm afraid it'll be hard to find somebody 
> with vista to help you.
True, that's one of the reasons I switched back to XP.

> One about QThread, I just answered...
> So that's not without any answer...
Not totally true, some of them still remain unanswered as I didn't want 
to open a new post each time.
ie : http://www.riverbankcomputing.com/pipermail/pyqt/2007-July/016476.html

The SIP one has been answered, but it didn't worked either. So i gave up 
and gave it a try yesterday. It now works, I don't know why.


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