[PyQt] Difficulties with debugging

David Boddie david at boddie.org.uk
Tue Jul 24 00:22:17 BST 2007

On Monday 23 July 2007 12:44:48 +0200, Preisig, Heinz A wrote:

> I have been porting an editor that is strongly graphics based to the new
> version. Thought it would be useful to reflect some of the problems I
> had with  the conversion. Firstly there were a large number of small
> changes. Mostly renaming due to the changes made by the Trolltech
> people. Lots of the new names seemed quite unnecessary at a first glance
> at least.

Please can you provide more details? I have some idea about the kinds of
problems people experience with C++, but I'm interested to know what kinds
of problems occur when making the same transition with Python.

> The main problem though is that the debugging is difficult as python is
> blowing frequently. Seems that there are some memory issues, which are
> difficult to identify from the surface. Problems seem to focus on
> graphview and graphitems. Not quite sure on how to approach the problem.

Some of the new things can be a little difficult to get to grips with at

If you can isolate some of the problems you face in small runnable examples,
people with more experience can help you find the causes of them. Otherwise
it will be down to the educated guesses of people who may have written
similar editors using similar technologies.

> I am using Eclipse + PyDev as a developing environment.

Do you have access to a visual debugger with that? I'm not saying that having
either a Python debugger or something like gdb will help that much, but it's
at least something to start with.


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