[PyQt] QGraphicsView to display a png

David Boddie david at boddie.org.uk
Tue Jul 24 00:13:07 BST 2007

On Mon Jul 23 23:55:57 BST 2007, kib2 wrote:

> Thanks for your hints,
> in fact the problem has been solved yesterday...
> My scene was refering to nothing at all, add a "self" like this :
> scene = QtGui.QGraphicsScene(self)
> and the image appears.

Ah, it seems that you were setting up the scene from with a method of
a class. Your problem was that, when the method returned, the scene
was garbage collected. Giving it a parent of "self" keeps it alive
thanks to Qt's parent-child object management. Alternatively, you
could have stored the scene in the instance of your class; in other
words, use self.scene instead.

> Now, Dave just told me it was a bad idea to put an image on a 
> QGraphicsView. I've already done it inside a Label, but I've no controls 
> on it. He suggested I've to write my own widget (from Qlabel or QWidget) 
> for that, but I don't see why it's a bad design decision.

Well, I guess that was in some private e-mail. It really depends on what
you are going to do with the image, and whether you need to use QGraphicsView
to show it.

> David : thanks again for your good work on the wiki.

You're welcome. I notice that you have added a link to your hints and tips
page. Thanks for doing that. In case you were unaware, there's an entire
French speaking Qt community online at


Maybe some of the people there can speak Python, too. ;-)


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