[PyQt] Is that mailing list supposed to help ?

kib2 kib2 at free.fr
Mon Jul 23 20:58:05 BST 2007


You may ask if it's a suicidal question or whatever, I just wanted to 
give you my impressions. I don't want to hurt anyone.
Usually when I subscribe to a mailing list, I enjoy answering others 
questions and asking mine too, but not here for the moment.

I asked several questions here, without any answer. Some were pretty 
simple, some just suggest I was on a wrong direction (in this case, I'll 
have liked someone told me why), but that's not the question. The fact 
that they remain unanswered just lets you Alone inside a community. I 
don't care about being or not a 'newbie', we all have been in whatever 
I had to found the answers myself (not even in the only  Qt4 book as it 
doesn't covers Qt4.2 and more), sometimes spending hours on a ridiculous 

PyQt4's docs/wiki/demos are quite well written, but you have to 
understand that everybody:

1- does not speak English as a natural language (so reading those docs 
maybe a problem sometimes);

2- does not master C++ syntax;

3- is not a Python master.

I don't know if it's the fashion, but the majority of the posts here 
turn around the installation of this or that. That's a good point to 
seek new people and make the communtity grow.

But if you follow this by sharing ideas/snippets/explanations, like some 
have done (thanks to David Boodie, the pages on the wiki helped me a 
lot), without this scorn which some "big ones" have. When I see answers 
like 'Look at the docs', 'It's working for me, bye', etc. I just wonder 
myself how these guys have been helped in their "genius" life.

I've made a few apps with PyQt4 (a few more with other toolkits, but I 
really like PyQt), and even build a new widget (the more complex being 
the QTextEdit with line numbers : http://www.box.net/shared/qfoquamm11), 
I'm now asking myself if I had to share them one day...

What do you think of it ?
Maybe I'm totally wrong, I just wanted to let you know that sometimes 
programming maybe very frustrating when you're alone.

Sorry for my language, cheers :


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