[PyQt] Difficulties with debugging

Preisig, Heinz A Heinz.Preisig at chemeng.ntnu.no
Mon Jul 23 11:44:48 BST 2007

I have been porting an editor that is strongly graphics based to the new 
version. Thought it would be useful to reflect some of the problems I 
had with  the conversion. Firstly there were a large number of small 
changes. Mostly renaming due to the changes made by the Trolltech 
people. Lots of the new names seemed quite unnecessary at a first glance 
at least.
The main problem though is that the debugging is difficult as python is 
blowing frequently. Seems that there are some memory issues, which are 
difficult to identify from the surface. Problems seem to focus on 
graphview and graphitems. Not quite sure on how to approach the problem.

I am using Eclipse + PyDev as a developing environment.

Heinz Preisig

Heinz A Preisig
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