[PyQt] QLabel is visible but isVisible() is always false

Katja Wegner k.wegner at herts.ac.uk
Mon Jul 16 18:05:28 BST 2007

First the objects are created with visible = false:

self.labelModuleArcs = QLabel("\nArc types in the module:") self.labelModuleArcs.setVisible(FALSE)

And after a while the dialog is updated (in another method but in the same class) and the label is shown but the print says false:

if object.isInModule:
   print "isVisible:", self.labelModuleArcs.isVisible()

I have 4.2.2 installed under windows and it does not work for me. I always get false.


On Sun Jul 15 18:37:17 BST 2007, K.Wegner wrote:

> > I have a QLabel that is not visible at the beginning (setVisible(0)) and 
> > after a while it becomes visible (setVisible(1) and I can see it in the 
> > dialog now). If I check the property isVisible(), I always receive False=0, 
> > although it is visible.

Can you post some minimal example code that demonstrates this? It works
for me with Qt 4.2.2, so either something changed after 4.2.1 or you've
done something different to me.


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