[PyQt] Question about QGraphics

Hernán Rajchert hrajchert at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 09:46:58 BST 2007

Hi, im trying to make a simple app that displays an image and im having some
trouble with QGraphics, the problem is that the "changes" i make are not
displayed unless i create an error, for example calling a function of the
QGraphicsView with wrong parameters.

This is the code that has some trouble

#Create the scene
myScene = QtGui.QGraphicsScene(QtCore.QRectF(0,0,250,250))

# gwImagen is a QGraphicView widget created with designer

#Create the TextItem to show
it = QtGui.QGraphicsTextItem("Hello world")


#This is the code im missing, i couldn't find a way to just render the code
so for example i call
# to setInteractive which expects a boolean parameter and don't give it.

Thks, Hernan Rajchert
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