[PyQt] Newbie questions: Tray system and other stuff...

"Gustavo A. Dí­az" gustavo.diaz at gmail.com
Sat Jul 14 06:37:26 BST 2007

Hi guys!

I am new on this list, and new in the progamming world.
I've started to develop an app. (OpenCoffee, 
http://opencoffee.lnxteam.org) using PyQT.
I am newbie, but i am doing my homework and reading a lot about python 
and pyqt, which i did by now a lot of progress on my app ;)

My questions:

Is there around an example of how to implement tray system? I just need 
basics: a MainWindow docked in tray system when i press or do "X" action 
(example, pressing exit in actionMenu or closing the mainWindow, etc.). 
I've read the class QSystemTrayIcon but still i have many doubs of how 
to implement it.

My other doub over this week development, if is possible to dock a bash 
console (or like it) inside my PyQt app? I didn't find any examples yet 
or documentation about it.
I just awnt to dock a bash condole kind inside a QStackedWidget.

Other than that, thanks for all in advance.


/Gustavo A. Díaz/
*GDNet Projects*
www.gdnet.com.ar <http://www.gdnet.com.ar>

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