[PyQt] What happens there's many signals in PyQt?

Carlos Scheidegger cscheid at sci.utah.edu
Fri Jul 13 15:52:22 BST 2007


	I tracked down the issue on our application, and it seems it had to do with
the amount of connections installed in the entire system. I decided to
implement a internal feature with QtCore.QObjects so I could use the
signals/slots systems, and it seems that there is some place in the system
where there's a linear search throughout the entire list of signals. In
essence, increasing my total connection count from ~50 to ~4000 made the whole
program slow down to a crawl in some particular combinations of OS, PyQt and
Qt. (We run a pretty heterogenous dev environment)

	To be more specific, the many new signals were all PyQt short-circuit signals
between classes derived from QtCore.QObject. There were only three or four
connections coming from each object, but there were about 1000 objects created
this way.

I was wondering if this is Qt or PyQt, and if this is well-known and
documented anywhere.


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