[PyQt] Debugging Qt error messages

Giovanni Bajo rasky at develer.com
Thu Jul 12 18:22:25 BST 2007


when Qt outputs an error message using qDebug() / qFatal() / qWarning() 
/ qCritical(), it's hard to trace the message back to Python code.

With C++ code, you simply put a breakpoint on the message and look at 
the stack trace in the debugger. There are also helpers like 
QT_FATAL_WARNINGS. But the C/C++ backtrace doesn't immediatly point to 
Python code.

I tried installing a custom message handler using qInstallMsgHandler(), 
like this:

def myMsgHandler(msg_type, txt):
     raise RuntimeError(txt)

but the problem is that the exceptions is intercepted and shut down 
immediatly; it doesn't propagate back to the original Python code. The 
traceback is thus useless: it just contains this function.

Any suggestions about solving this problem? Maybe a modification / 
special handling in PyQt is required?
Giovanni Bajo

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