[PyQt] PyQt v4.3 binary installer for Mac

Curtis Faith curtis at worldhouse.org
Wed Jul 4 12:12:45 BST 2007


The Mac being FreeBSD-based is a different animal than Windows. It  
comes with all the *nix tools installed including Python, gcc, make,  
etc. Windows does not come with these tool thus making a binary  
installer much more desirable on Windows.

Installing PyQt on the Mac is quite easy.  I highly recommend  
installing Qt from sources however. There are dependencies on the  
current tools (Python version, etc. which is already installed on the  
Mac) and Qt version which make the normal:

	python configure.py
	sudo make install

process desirable.

Installing QScintilla (and the Python bindings) on the Mac is quite  
another matter due to some Mac-specific quirks. I have recently  
posted the changes required to make this work. If you have any  
problems with this let me know.

- Curtis

On Jul 3, 2007, at 19:38 , Adam Tenderholt wrote:

> Are there plans for a binary installer for Mac like the recently
> announced installer for Windows? Just curious...
> Adam
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