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Kovid Goyal kovid at theory.caltech.edu
Wed Jan 31 07:13:07 GMT 2007


Calling a particular method using dcopext yields a different result from
calling it using the dcop commandline client. Here's a test script that calls
the method (requires ktorrent)

from kdecore import KApplication
import dcopext, sys, subprocess

app = KApplication(sys.argv, 'test')
dcop = app.dcopClient()
kt = dcopext.DCOPApp('ktorrent', dcop).KTorrent
print kt.maxUploadRate()
print kt.getTorrentNumbers(3)
subprocess.call('dcop ktorrent KTorrent getTorrentNumbers 3', shell=True)

The call to getTorrentNumbers produces a (True, None) when called via dcopext
and a list of the torrent numbers when called via the command line client.

Using kde 3.5.6. Other method calls on ktorrent work as shown by the call to




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