[PyKDE] [PATCH] Building sip with MSVC.NET 2003

Miguel Lobo mlobol at gmail.com
Wed Jan 24 23:59:32 GMT 2007

> I have a Python 2.5 installed from the official python.org binary. I don't
> even have a "PC" directory here, and pyconfig.h is under "Include".
> It looks like you're trying to use Python off its source tree. I'm not
> sure
> that's supported. I think you're supposed to install it.

Ok, fair enough, I hadn't thought about that.  I'm indeed trying to use
Python without installing it, mainly because what I'm trying to install
finally is a custom interpreter that has Qt, PyQt and sip linked
statically.  I guess in the future I could just copy pyconfig.h to the
Include directory before invoking sip.

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