[PyKDE] re:too much code generated by QtDesigner for color change

David Boddie david at boddie.org.uk
Sun Jan 21 19:16:21 GMT 2007

On Sun Jan 21 19:40:07 MET 2007, Tony Cappellini wrote:

> > The code looks like it was generated by pyuic4. The .ui file might contain
> > more information about the palette entries than is necessary - Tony needs
> > to look inside the .ui file and see how many <colorrole> elements there
> > are.
> There are a similar amount in the ui file as well. There are about 270
> lines of color/palette related code in the ui file.
> > It would also be useful to know which versions of pyuic and Qt are being
> > used. 
> pyuic4 (4.1.5
> Qt 4.1.5

Creating a form using Qt Designer from Qt 4.1.4 and changing a new palette
entry results in the same problem for me: a .ui file with a lot of palette
entry definitions. uic creates C++ code for all of those as well, but I
can't see any entries in the Task Tracker unless the problem is also
covered by this task:


Could you file a bug report via the Task Tracker about this, if it's not too
much trouble?


For what it's worth, I don't see the same behaviour with Qt 4.2, so Qt
Designer's palette handling has obviously been improved between releases.


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