[PyKDE] Regression caused by lambda as slots

Giovanni Bajo rasky at develer.com
Wed Jan 17 23:33:46 GMT 2007

On 17/01/2007 18.09, Giovanni Bajo wrote:

> I think I have managed to produce a (convoluted) testcase for what 
> appears to be a reference leak introduced by recent SIP versions. It 
> ought to be when you added support for lambda expressions as slots.

I think I know the problem: sipWrapper_traverse() does not know anything about 
lambda expressions in slots. Thus, the GC can't fully traverse the lambda 
expressions (whose reference is being kept by the sender object), and can't do 
a full collection of all unreachable items.

I could attempt a fix but I'm not sure how you want to deal with it, since the 
signal/slot part is pretty internal of qtlib.c, while sipWrapper_traverse() is 
in siplib.c. Also, I don't fully understand all the semantics of sipSlot (all 
the combinations of possible NULLs/values for its members) so I'd rather leave 
this to you.
Giovanni Bajo

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