[PyKDE] changing background color of QTextEdit/QLineEdit

Steven James Samuel Stapleton stapleton at mps.ohio-state.edu
Wed Jan 17 00:15:02 GMT 2007

I fiddle with this and got it working for the most part, thanks for the 

However, I have found one thing where it doesn't work: QTextEdit objects 
don't seem to follow the palette setup. I have the same code for the 
TextEdits and the LineEdits (it's a "ui_good(self, ui_object)" and 
"ui_bad(self, ui_object)" type function, where self is the container and 
ui_object is the object to change color. The code looks pretty much like 
what you have below. When a LineEdit is passed, it will change red with 
ui_bad, and the light/pastel blue that is in the windows default palette (my 
default text background) when I pass it to ui_good. When a TextEdit is 
passed, there is no change.

I haven't tested it on my BSD machine yet (to see if it's a windows only 

Any idea on that one?
-Jim Stapleton

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>> >It's not difficult.  Check the Qt documentation for the QWidget.palette
>> >property and for the QPalette class.  The class lets you get
>> >(QPalette.color()) and set (QPalette.setColor()) the color for various
>> >color groups and color roles.  The groups let you set colors for active
>> >(focused) and inactive states, and the roles for Text (foreground) and
>> >Base (background).
>> >
>> >Doug.
>> So, that only effects the widget and not the whole app?
> Yes, as long as you use QWidget.setPalette() and not
> QApplication.setPalette().  Remember that your QLineEdit inherits from
> QWidget, so your code might look something like this:
>   editor = QLineEdit()
>   palette = editor.palette()
>   palette.setColor(QPalette.Active, QPalette.Text, QColor(255, 0, 0))
>   palette.setColor(QPalette.Active, QPalette.Base, QColor(50, 50, 50))
>   editor.setPalette(palette)
> Doug.

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