[PyKDE] Compliling pyqt4

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Mon Jan 15 01:49:24 GMT 2007

On 14.01.07 20:27:21, pykde at x11.cjb.net wrote:
> So then I looked for qmake:
> $ ls /usr/bin/ | grep qt4
> designer-qt4
> lrelease-qt4
> lupdate-qt4
> moc-qt4
> qmake-qt4
> uic-qt4
> So then I tried with the -q arguement:
> $ python configure.py - q /usr/bin/qmake-qt4
> Determining the layout of your Qt installation...
> Error: Failed to create ./qtdirs. Make sure you have a working Qt v4 qmake on
> your PATH or use the -q argument to explicitly specify a working Qt v4 qmake.
> Is this not the right qmake, or should I be specifying it in a different way?

It is the right qmake, but for some reason compiling the small Qt4 test
app fails.

Check to see that there exists a qtdirs.pro and qtdirs.cpp as well as a
qtdirs.mk. If all of those exist try running make -f qtdirs.mk

My guess is that the last one fails with some error message, post that
error here.

Oh and btw, make sure you installed libqt4-dev and qt4-dev-tools.


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